Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Blog Three: Labour versus Work

The Free Dictionary A (2011) describes Labour as productive work, a particular task or job that is of a difficult but essential nature. It also describes Work as something that someone is doing, making or performing and also as devotion to an occupation or undertaking (The Free Dictionary B, 2011).
I am going to  elaborate on these two definitions using a table that I drew up in class. I have chosen two occupations, one I view as Labour and the other as Work. My Labour occupation is cooking (food preparation) and my Work occupation is obviously crochet.

Labour - Cooking
Work - Crochet
What are my feelings about this task?
 I HATE IT!! I would prefer that someone else did it. It feels like a burden
What are my feelings about this task?
Helps me to relax, I like being productive, like being creative
Why do I need to do it?
To eat. To feed my husband J
Why do I need to do it?
To relax, to keep the balance in my life
What would happen if I did not do this task?
Would be broke from buying takeaways
Would gain weight from eating processed food
Would not be very healthy
What would happen if I did not do this task?
I would not have the connections that were explained in my first blog (with my family)
I would probably just do my knitting J
How does it say who I am?
1.       Lazy not wanting to cook
2.       Labour of love for my husband J
3.       I love to eat so I have to cook
How does it show who I am?
1.       Active Relaxer, need to be doing something while I relax rather than just watching TV or doing nothing.
2.       Shows that I am creative
3.       Shows my identity within my family

I think that this table shows that cooking is a Labour that I do not like  but it is essential for my (and my husbands) survival. While crochet is something that I choose and like, to do.


  1. Hi Anna-Maree,

    I had to laugh when I read your feelings about cooking. I like how you used a table to show your understanding of labour vs work.

    In your blog you have mentioned that through crochet you are able to relax which creates a balance in your life. Is there any other reason why you need to do crochet?

    Cheers Divika

  2. Hey Divika, Thanks for your comments.
    I think that the main reason that I do crochet is to relax, but it is also something that I feel is apart of my identity and where I fit into my family.