Monday, 10 October 2011

Blog Four: Spirituality and Connections

Affordances are things that both induce and support the doing of an activity, such as what attract someone to do an activity (Christiansen & Townsend, 2010). For me crochet is has more of a spiritual attraction than a physical attraction. For example my crochet is more about self expression and connections with my family, rather than the finished product. My crochet is a way that I express myself because I am making something completely individual, something which nobody has ever made one the same, this also gives me a strong sense of pride in my work. Crochet also connects me with my family because it is something that no one else in my immediate family can do, so it is something that sets me apart from my many siblings and contributes to my identity within the family unit. I am also able to make things for my sisters and my nephews (and one day nieces), and when I see them wearing a hat that I have made them it helps me to feel closer to them.
Sitting here and thinking about crochet makes me feel sad because it reminds me of my Uncle who passed away a few months ago. He used to have this poncho that my Aunt had made for him, I remember that poncho was the reason that I wanted to learn crochet. He used to wear this poncho all the time. I remember talking about it with my Aunt and then her teaching me how to make a poncho by crocheting it. The poncho that I was making was the same colour as my Uncles but I never even finished making it, I am not even sure where the unfinished product is now, but I know that I will always have that connection with my Uncle and my Aunty because of that poncho and crochet.


  1. Hi Anna-Maree, great to see you have such a strong connection with crochet. What you have posted on spirituality really reflects memories for you. Perhaps you could use a reference on spirituality and connections to highlight what you have written :)

  2. Thanks Katy. I thought that i might need a reference but was unsure where to find the right kind of information. Now that you have said that I will make sure I find one. Thanks