Monday, 17 October 2011

Blog Five: Ambience

Ambience is defined as the surroundings or atmosphere of a place (Thompson, 1995). This means that when talking about ambience we are talking about the environmental aspect of the activity and the feeling within that environment. When I sit down to my crochet I have to have the environment just right, so that I am able to relax, rather than worry about anything.
I make sure that all my house work is done , I am mostly up to date with my study, I do not have to make dinner for another hour, so I turn on the T.V. Ok... Now I can sit down and work on that bag that I have been trying to finish for a while now. Time to relax and forget about everything else that has been going on. I focus on the large stitches that are making up the main part of the bag and then the smaller stitches in a row to make a pattern. One day I will get on to the handles of the bag. The phone is ringing now, so it will not be today.
When I am doing my crochet it is essential that I do not have any distractions. My house must be reasonably tidy and it is easiest if it is only me home. No one needs to know what I am making and no one needs to know how I am making it. All the person I am making something for has to worry about, is what the finished product looks like. And that is not that important to me. It is more fun trying to figure out how to do different patterns. I have only ever been taught one particular stitch, and I cannot even remember what that is, but give me time and my own space and I reckon I could figure out almost any stitch that even the most skilled crotcher can do. I do not proclaim to be that good at crochet but it is my way to chill, in a cleanish house and a lonely room. And you can only ruin that by interrupting me.


  1. HI Anna-Maree
    I never realised that you didn't crotch when I was over, but now reading your blog its made me reflect back on the time I've spent at your house and I realise that it had been very seldom that I have seen you at work.
    You could make some of the post flow a little bit better, maybe re-read over it.
    Good luck on getting to those handles

  2. AAAAHAAA!!! i now see what those needles are used for!....always have seen them around your house wondering if you'll clink them together and bust out anything worth seeing...obviously you have! very cool! enjoying reading your posts. You may look at the structure/flow of the postings just as a headsup, to make it easier for the reader as Erin was saying, otherwise keep up the good work!